Stereo Kinect

Kinect is propably one of the coolest gadgets out there right now. Love it!

Webcam Access unclickable

I just did a Facebook Webcam game and came across a nasty firefox bug. Sometimes the cam panel popping up is unclickable. (Firefox on Mac)


The strange thing is:

  1. Works like a charm in Safari
  2. Works like a charm outside of Facebook

But I expierenced the problem on some pages outside FB aswell.

Here is the magic (once again thanks to Martin):

    if ($.browser.mozilla) {
function addMargin() {
    $("#cont").css('margin-left', window.outerWidth % 2 ? '0' : '0.5px')

The problem is that your swf is displayed on HALF PIXELS. Just move the container in which you putted your swf and it should work like a charm.

Link where i stole this from

Hidden heroes.

I really like that page.


Facebook App sourcecode

After beeing asked to publish my sourcecode for the ImageViewer app – here it is:


  1. free to use
  2. no warranty
  3. no documentation
  4. osx zip (might cause package problems on win)

Adobe vs Apple – my opinion

You should give a f*** about my opinion, but i just need to say that. Every dev has heard about the new license agreement of apple affecting iPhone development. Joa (laugheed / cried  a lot) and Lee (talking straight) already made a point.

But, consider being an apple executive:

  • We already have a lot of great apps
  • Almost no end-customer will be affected by “our” policy change
  • Every Company desperately wants to build an iPhone App. Mainly caused by spread of iPhones. An iPhone app simply reaches more customers then any other app (right now) would do.
  • We can have the app exclusive (rollout on android is doable but difficult), if we want to.
  • Allowing to write apps in CS5 would invite a lot of low skilled developers (not every flash coder is a good coder) to write Apps in no time. Apples QA would have a lot of work caused by Adobe. And apple would have to pay for that overhead.
  • We earn money with the “big or creative” apps. Like apps from newspapers, shazam and so on. The little flash game will possibly never create that income.
  • Implementing iAd in CS5 might cause a lot of trouble.
  • Crashing apps will put Apple in a bad light, not adobe.

To make that clear

I don’t like apples move either, but guessing / knowing the reasons is a good way starting to solve a problem.

And in the end its all about markert power, collecting customer data and money. Sad but true.

Logging Php to Firebug

Ever wanted to log php to firebug? There are a lot of reasons to do this. E.g. working  on apps for a thrd party plattform like myspace.

The logger is a singleton. you can push any date type in it. the coolest part: it encodes the php class as json object.


i wrapped it in a simple dummy project with some “oop” javascript in it. give it a try and tell me what you think.

and yes, i know firephp ;)


iPhone objective-c and c++

if you want to use c++ files in your iphone app do this:

  1. rename the FILE.m in
  2. import the .cpp class


#import "Foo.cpp"
- (void)aFunction:()
 Foo foo = *(new Foo(123));
 NSString *objcString =
[NSString stringWithUTF8String:foo.testStr.c_str()];
 NSLog(@"string test: %@", objcString);
 NSLog(@"foo id start: %i", foo.myId);
 NSLog(@"foo id: %i", foo.myId);

foo class

#include <string>
class Foo
 public : int myId;
 public : std::string testStr;
 public : Foo(int startVal)
 testStr = "Hallo Welt21212! äöü ß";
 myId = startVal;
 public : void setId(int newId)
 myId = newId;
 public : void test()

analog tape glove


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