iPhone objective-c and c++

if you want to use c++ files in your iphone app do this:

  1. rename the FILE.m in FILE.mm
  2. import the .cpp class


#import "Foo.cpp"
- (void)aFunction:()
 Foo foo = *(new Foo(123));
 NSString *objcString =
[NSString stringWithUTF8String:foo.testStr.c_str()];
 NSLog(@"string test: %@", objcString);
 NSLog(@"foo id start: %i", foo.myId);
 NSLog(@"foo id: %i", foo.myId);

foo class

#include <string>
class Foo
 public : int myId;
 public : std::string testStr;
 public : Foo(int startVal)
 testStr = "Hallo Welt21212! äöü ß";
 myId = startVal;
 public : void setId(int newId)
 myId = newId;
 public : void test()


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