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My curtain, but not my credits

The real tricky coding was done by But his demo is down for some reason. So I just changed his cloth idea a little to get a really nasty green curtain.

demo and source are here:

The idea isn’t verry so tricky at all. The plane is analysed and on everey “corner” (just look on it with applied wireframe material) a “ball” with physics is added. Theses objects will not be rendered. Balls are “wired up” with constraints. When the physics kick in the balls move. Their new position (x,y,z) is also the position of the plane vertices. Hm doesn’t sound simple at all… but it really is. Major problem is – as i explained earlier – the performance on planes with a huge amount of vertices.

Physics and Flash – my summary

The last days i worked with the wow-engine and papervision3d. I tried to simulate a capet that opens with a specific behaviour.

Sorry I can not yet post the source cause it’s part of a commercial work. But I will – maybe – someday :-)

So here is my subjective view what you can achieve with that setup, and what not.

You can:

  • simulate falling, bounching and movement of non complex objects
  • create the illusion of wind
  • create the illusionof elastic material
  • using a tweener – create greate almost organic effects

so thats the good thing. but there are also some bad things. don’t get me wrong i’m happy that pv3d and wow are ther for free. I love it. But there are some things you can not yet achieve with it.

You can not

  • simulate complex material with a lot of vertices (cpu!!)
  • create a really realistic material (allways behaves kind of odd)

Wow is very cool! I love it and I will use it again for another demo. Combining phyiscs and an audioanalyser might be fun.

Don’t repeat yourself

After researching for my cloth problem Fabian postet me a great demo of I think this is a great startingpoint. So now it’s coding time.

Papervision3D and physics.

Well i thought: wouldn’t it be great having the possibility to apply a physical material to any object you want. like the magic carpet demo.

so i startet researching. right know my major problem is to find the vertices / faces which are next to each other. cause i need to “wire them up” with constraints for a realistic effect. when you know the answer please contact me :-)

I already postet my problem into the pv3d dev forum maybe it helps. this could be so great… well otherwise i will create just another pv3d physics carpet :-)