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head tracking plus anaglyph


activate your webcam, mouse drag to draw a rectangle around your face -> test it

and here are the credits:

Hm maybe someday I actually start writing about the things I post, but not now. It’s beer time ;)

soapbox racer is awesome

The guys from lessrain created a soapbox racer for redbull. Awesome! Thx Martin



baileys and papervision3d

I really love this foldout book. Its beautiful and very functional.



Too late.

Seriously, I had the exact same idea! Textured cubes building images – with nice camera movement. DAMN! I wasn’t fast enough. Great Work!

Make sure you doubleclick ;)

Nice Camera Moving

Spring physic rules. I wanted to code the exact same thing, but I’ts already out there. A chasing cam.

Debugging PV3D with Xray

The Xray logger now works with papervision3d! Quote: “You can go through and change nearly any property at runtime”. Awesome!


Problem with Andy’s ShadowCaster Class?

There seems to be a problem with the ShadowCaster Class created by Andy (my demoimplementation). Well I couldn’t recreate that bug but when you have this error:

“Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object ShadowCaster/projectVertex()”

this fix found here might help you out:

private var _type:String = "point";
public static var DIRECTIONAL:String = "dir";
public static var SPOTLIGHT:String = "spot";
// replaced it with:
private var _type:String = "dir"; // or "spot"

I can’t tell if this is a “good” or “bad” fix because I didn’t really test it.

Original post of the fix is here

Vectors now in Papervision3D

VectorVision is an addon vor papervision3d. Haven’t tested it yet but the demo looks awesome. It has been done by It bases on Five3D – an amazing vector 3d engine by Mathieu Badimon


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