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Adobe vs Apple – my opinion

You should give a f*** about my opinion, but i just need to say that. Every dev has heard about the new license agreement of apple affecting iPhone development. Joa (laugheed / cried  a lot) and Lee (talking straight) already made a point.

But, consider being an apple executive:

  • We already have a lot of great apps
  • Almost no end-customer will be affected by “our” policy change
  • Every Company desperately wants to build an iPhone App. Mainly caused by spread of iPhones. An iPhone app simply reaches more customers then any other app (right now) would do.
  • We can have the app exclusive (rollout on android is doable but difficult), if we want to.
  • Allowing to write apps in CS5 would invite a lot of low skilled developers (not every flash coder is a good coder) to write Apps in no time. Apples QA would have a lot of work caused by Adobe. And apple would have to pay for that overhead.
  • We earn money with the “big or creative” apps. Like apps from newspapers, shazam and so on. The little flash game will possibly never create that income.
  • Implementing iAd in CS5 might cause a lot of trouble.
  • Crashing apps will put Apple in a bad light, not adobe.

To make that clear

I don’t like apples move either, but guessing / knowing the reasons is a good way starting to solve a problem.

And in the end its all about markert power, collecting customer data and money. Sad but true.

German twitter game


Endlich ist unser twitter Gewinnspiel online. Jeden Tag gibt es eine neue Frage aus dem Bereich Film.

Aktuell wird gefragt: Wie lautet das Motto der Tyrell Corporation, die in „Der Blade Runner“ die Replikanten herstellt?

Einfach via direct Message antworten und mitmachen.

great math teacher

In my school time i never heard a girl laughing in a math class.

some lego fun

Great video about an important topic (german) from alexanderlehmann on Vimeo.

i don’t care if you vote

But I care about my rights, especially when someone tries to restrict it (on the internet). I also think that there should be more know how about the whole WWW in our government. That’s why I support “Die Piratenpartei” for the upcomming election in Germany. Obama is kind of a geek so why souldn’t we have a geeky party? You can find a banner here or just create your own one and submit it.

this page is wtf pure


rubics cube sandwich

look at that awesome rubics cube sandwich


via nerdcore

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