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AS3 Audioplayer Muxx

After working with the great videoplayer Pyro I decided having a good audioplayer would be nice aswell. I couldn’t find anything similar to Pyro so I wrote one by myself. I rarely tested it, but all functions seem to work nice.

more infos and download

SURF now for flash

What is SURF? It’s feature point detection. Just watch the video and you will understand it.

Exploring features… from Eugene Zatepyakin on Vimeo.

Eugene wrote a great outstanding BRILLIANT version for Flash (FP 10). You can find more infos here

piano stairs installation

pagepointer: inudge

inudge is the latest project of the hobnox developers. I’m already addicted!


head tracking plus anaglyph


activate your webcam, mouse drag to draw a rectangle around your face -> test it

and here are the credits:

Hm maybe someday I actually start writing about the things I post, but not now. It’s beer time ;)

wireless electricity

This is propably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Imagine: wirless electricity! Whoo. Hope we won’t die all on cancer. But he points out that this is save. Read more here

solve sudoku with lego

This little robot solves a sudoku puzzle all by itself.
It scans the sudoku puzzle using a light sensor. It calculates the solution to the puzzle and then writes the digits.

more here

multitouch usecase


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