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analog tape glove


piano stairs installation

laser toy

Sticky Light, a 3D tracking technology that lets you interact with a beam of light, batting it from one hand to another, is the work of Alvaro Cassinelli, Daito Manabe, Kuribara Yusaku and Stephane Perrin. It uses a low-power laser diode, two steering mirrors and a non-imaging photodetector.

want one!

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multitouch without touching

Kyle used a scanner for building a great multitouch which works without touching. Sounds odd – but it’s very cool!

Experimenting with a hacked portable scanner as a linear multitouch input device. Turns out there’s too much buffering in the scanner, which causes latency that makes it difficult to use. But the resolution is really high, if you ever need 60 fps 10,000 pixels wide, try this out!

Linear Multitouch + Scanner Feedback from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.

virtual wind tunnel

Virtual Wind Tunnel for Audi from Apex on Vimeo.

Shadow art

On is a great post about shadow art. Awesome idea – looks great.


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