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physics is cool

Thanks to Jens Franke for that link. It’s so cool! A train is “flying” over a magnetic rail. This is accomplished by an ultracold liquid.

LaserGames – on any surface

Check this video


As far as i got it, the tracking was done with a dv camera and an ir filter. You can find detailed information about it in the comment section here

Flint is now ready for papervision3d

Wohoo! Yeah! Awesome! I just read that flint particle system now has the promised pv3d renderer. I’ll test it asap but at first I should enjoy the last sun rays here.

check it out:

you should also read about a bug in papervision3d in the earlier posts of the flint blog. Otherwise it might not work

My favourite blogs

Here is an opml file of my current google-reader-subscriptions (round about 50 rss feeds). Most of them are written in english – only a few are german. Maybe you have a good tip for me.