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Our latest Project: find a freelancer


Find the best freelancers in your area. Or submit a job. finds the best jobs for freelancers starting in hamburg & berlin

Stereo Kinect

Kinect is propably one of the coolest gadgets out there right now. Love it!

transparent screens

I would really like to discribe what this is about. But these pictures can do the job way better than me & my poor english.



via flickr

multitouch without touching

Kyle used a scanner for building a great multitouch which works without touching. Sounds odd – but it’s very cool!

Experimenting with a hacked portable scanner as a linear multitouch input device. Turns out there’s too much buffering in the scanner, which causes latency that makes it difficult to use. But the resolution is really high, if you ever need 60 fps 10,000 pixels wide, try this out!

Linear Multitouch + Scanner Feedback from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.

SURF the next big thing

SURF is a computer vision technique which helps doing crazy things ;) Here is some footage showing whats possible. NOTE: no flash implementation yet ;) – I think it wouldn’t work -> performance

openFrameworks & OpenCV SURF from postspectacular on Vimeo.

Augmenting a Postcard from Julian Oliver on Vimeo.

Augmented Reality in 2D

Once again I experimented with webcam, augmented reality and flash. Inspired by this time I wanted to see if its posible to map a video on a rect which is moved and resized by colored objects.

Tomorrow I will post a screencast and a demo. so you can see it in action. I can’t post the sources right now but I’m on it.

Help fighting childporn.

Today we launched a project I’m really proud of. A website that works against childporn.How does it work? You can find detailed info on

Here is a summary:

You’re trusting an applet. This applet works like a limewire / frostwire client. It fakes files – pretending you’ve childporn on your pc, which you DON’T have! When a pedophile searches or tries to download such a file our website gets informed and visualises the query / download.

We just want to visualise the density of childporn usage, NOT where “these people” are located (tracking the exact position is not possible – and hopefully never will). The downloader/pedophile – downloads a fake file which PROVIDES HELP.

How to create a nice captcha

Surfing through the internet you propably often see captchas. Most captchas look like this or even uglier:

So what’s that capture thing about? These things shall protect the website from spam by bots. Bots are scanning the sourcecode of the page or using website snapshot techniques to automaticly fill out forms. So the text needs to be ugly otherwise the bot might “guess” the text rendered in the captcha image.


I think there’s a better more pretty solution for that problem. Use Flash! The Idea: A swf gets the captcha via php and displays it. So sourcecode analysing wouldn’t help the bot. And the screenshot trick will not work too: Most screenshot scripts can’t see flash.

But if you want to be really save you just have to create a captcha swf that’s shown on click or fades in or similar animation techniques. With swfobject you can also provide a fallback method for non flash users.

So a captcha in my page (I’m not using any) could look like this:

So finally the web might become beautifull again. Ok well that’s way too optimistic, but the how to is now here. I’never tested this on a real project so I can just guess that it will work.