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Webcam Access unclickable

I just did a Facebook Webcam game and came across a nasty firefox bug. Sometimes the cam panel popping up is unclickable. (Firefox on Mac)


The strange thing is:

  1. Works like a charm in Safari
  2. Works like a charm outside of Facebook

But I expierenced the problem on some pages outside FB aswell.

Here is the magic (once again thanks to Martin):

    if ($.browser.mozilla) {
function addMargin() {
    $("#cont").css('margin-left', window.outerWidth % 2 ? '0' : '0.5px')

The problem is that your swf is displayed on HALF PIXELS. Just move the container in which you putted your swf and it should work like a charm.

Link where i stole this from

Hidden heroes.

I really like that page.


Facebook App sourcecode

After beeing asked to publish my sourcecode for the ImageViewer app – here it is:


  1. free to use
  2. no warranty
  3. no documentation
  4. osx zip (might cause package problems on win)

Augmented Reality with image as marker

using flash. This is a great SURF implementation in flash! I tested it this week and it works great. Check it out. The code is here. Blogpost is here

ASSURF [multiple references] from Eugene Zatepyakin on Vimeo.

my first Flash Facebook app

Recently I created a facebook app called “ImageViewer”.

The App shows your Photos in fullscreen, and you can also browse through your friend’s photos.


Here are some coding hints:

  • you can’t use fbml (doesn’t allow flash fullscreen)
  • you need some php params provided in the iframe url (session secret…)
  • using “WebSession” for the Facebook authentication worked fine for me
  • I couldn’t find a way to test the app locally. So I highly recommend a FTP ant task for a good workflow
  • Working with one big model class (handling the whole facebook data) worked fine.
  • It wasn’t as anoying as I thought ;)

AS3 Audioplayer Muxx

After working with the great videoplayer Pyro I decided having a good audioplayer would be nice aswell. I couldn’t find anything similar to Pyro so I wrote one by myself. I rarely tested it, but all functions seem to work nice.

more infos and download

SURF now for flash

What is SURF? It’s feature point detection. Just watch the video and you will understand it.

Exploring features… from Eugene Zatepyakin on Vimeo.

Eugene wrote a great outstanding BRILLIANT version for Flash (FP 10). You can find more infos here

AS3 Performance Test package

Just check it out. I didn’t test it myself by I will as soon as i run in performance problemes.

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