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Facebook App sourcecode

After beeing asked to publish my sourcecode for the ImageViewer app – here it is:


  1. free to use
  2. no warranty
  3. no documentation
  4. osx zip (might cause package problems on win)

my first Flash Facebook app

Recently I created a facebook app called “ImageViewer”.

The App shows your Photos in fullscreen, and you can also browse through your friend’s photos.


Here are some coding hints:

  • you can’t use fbml (doesn’t allow flash fullscreen)
  • you need some php params provided in the iframe url (session secret…)
  • using “WebSession” for the Facebook authentication worked fine for me
  • I couldn’t find a way to test the app locally. So I highly recommend a FTP ant task for a good workflow
  • Working with one big model class (handling the whole facebook data) worked fine.
  • It wasn’t as anoying as I thought ;)