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great diploma music video

I´ll kill her from Joerg Barton on Vimeo. via Feingut

Headtracking: my version

One par of my diploma was headtracking with flash. So finally i uploaded my demo. 3d moddeling was done by alexander el-meligi.

the algorithm is open source. just drop me a line, if you’re interested You can find it on the demo page


My diploma is online.

Update: I just saw its password protected now. So you have to be patient :-)

It was a long journey. But now it’s online and I really need some days off right now. When you own a webcam please check it out and drop me a line.

I worked on a webcam based tracking framework implemented in flash. So there were a lot of performance issues and other stuff to solve. In the current version – you can donwload for free – six different tracking ideas are integrated.

When you have any questions or feedback just leave me a message.