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Ar in 2d – video and demo

Here is the promised video to my augmented reality in 2d post

You can test it here


  1. Click on color
  2. Click on other color
  3. Tracking starts – white circles
  4. Try catching the black rect edges
  5. enjoy


  • This time just on email and (at this time) not for commercial use
  • download here

Ar without flash

Flash sucks ;)

This here is awesome!

This is stunning – sorry no youtubed one available


Headtracking: my version

One par of my diploma was headtracking with flash. So finally i uploaded my demo. 3d moddeling was done by alexander el-meligi.

the algorithm is open source. just drop me a line, if you’re interested You can find it on the demo page


Nice Camera Moving

Spring physic rules. I wanted to code the exact same thing, but I’ts already out there. A chasing cam.

Webcam and papervision3d

This night I saw this

So I wanted to try this in papervision3d. Well it is possible but there are some depth problems.

My curtain, but not my credits

The real tricky coding was done by But his demo is down for some reason. So I just changed his cloth idea a little to get a really nasty green curtain.

demo and source are here:

The idea isn’t verry so tricky at all. The plane is analysed and on everey “corner” (just look on it with applied wireframe material) a “ball” with physics is added. Theses objects will not be rendered. Balls are “wired up” with constraints. When the physics kick in the balls move. Their new position (x,y,z) is also the position of the plane vertices. Hm doesn’t sound simple at all… but it really is. Major problem is – as i explained earlier – the performance on planes with a huge amount of vertices.

Can Papervision3D draw lots of shadows @ realtime

Yes It can. And it’s just awesome! Every cube has a FlatShadeMaterial and I implemented andy’s shadow caster

demo with source here:

Andy Zupko posted the shadow class and an demo here:

So I just wanted to see how well it performes. Furthermore I wanted to provide a full compileable demo with complete asset – actually there’s only a white jpg in the asset folder :-)
I had some clipping trouble moving an object directly over the plane with casted shadows. I can’t tell either it is a render problem or I just did something wrong.

Detect a Marker with arToolkit

Recently I found a ar Toolkit port for Flash AS3 here. Well I optimized the code a little bit. The performanceboost was quite amazing.
When there’s a little bit more time i’ll do a real demo. At least i plan it.

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