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SURF now for flash

What is SURF? It’s feature point detection. Just watch the video and you will understand it.

Exploring features… from Eugene Zatepyakin on Vimeo.

Eugene wrote a great outstanding BRILLIANT version for Flash (FP 10). You can find more infos here

head tracking plus anaglyph


activate your webcam, mouse drag to draw a rectangle around your face -> test it

and here are the credits:

Hm maybe someday I actually start writing about the things I post, but not now. It’s beer time ;)

xbox360 body tracking

Would be really interesting to know how it works. Microsoft says it also works in complete darkness. Maybe they did somethin like this here:

virtual wind tunnel

Virtual Wind Tunnel for Audi from Apex on Vimeo.

Face / Mimik tracking in AS3


Once again Tomek alias Og2t wrote a great flash demo. This time its about machine vision and just awesome. It’s motion based head / eyetracking with a lot of cool “hacks” like blob detection – histogram analysis – motion detection and more. Furthermore Tomek wants to provide a full framework.

This is a part of the whole video filter framework I am developing just now, the inspiration came from Joa Ebert’s Image Processing library (as far as I know, he’s cooking a complete rewrite). The full source code (including Pixel Bender kernels and examples) will be soon released on Google Code and will feature face/eye tracking/gestures and few other things (surprise!) A lot of people are very sceptic about the whole eye tracking idea, they don’t believe it’s precise enough to make any use of it – I will prove that it is, and it works! (just watch closely how it tracks my eyeballs on the video!)

I tried it, but I still prefer the camshift algorithm for face detection. Anyway: GREAT WORK!

multi object motion / direction tracking

eugene wrote a great demo on object motion / direction tracking.

Flash Motion Tracking [progress] from Eugene Zatepyakin on Vimeo.

Ar in 2d – video and demo

Here is the promised video to my augmented reality in 2d post

You can test it here


  1. Click on color
  2. Click on other color
  3. Tracking starts – white circles
  4. Try catching the black rect edges
  5. enjoy


  • This time just on email and (at this time) not for commercial use
  • download here

SURF the next big thing

SURF is a computer vision technique which helps doing crazy things ;) Here is some footage showing whats possible. NOTE: no flash implementation yet ;) – I think it wouldn’t work -> performance

openFrameworks & OpenCV SURF from postspectacular on Vimeo.

Augmenting a Postcard from Julian Oliver on Vimeo.

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