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Photoshop This document contains unknown data which will be discarded BUG

Maybe interesting for some cs4 users having issues with this bug:

Bildschirmfoto 2011-06-10 um 15.01.23

this happens when the psd file (cs5) has a too deep layer structure (more than 5 groups)


Webcam Access unclickable

I just did a Facebook Webcam game and came across a nasty firefox bug. Sometimes the cam panel popping up is unclickable. (Firefox on Mac)


The strange thing is:

  1. Works like a charm in Safari
  2. Works like a charm outside of Facebook

But I expierenced the problem on some pages outside FB aswell.

Here is the magic (once again thanks to Martin):

    if ($.browser.mozilla) {
function addMargin() {
    $("#cont").css('margin-left', window.outerWidth % 2 ? '0' : '0.5px')

The problem is that your swf is displayed on HALF PIXELS. Just move the container in which you putted your swf and it should work like a charm.

Link where i stole this from

problem: flash stops on ajax call

Problem: you call a javascript method which returns some data (via ajax – php etc..) and flash animation stops / looks ugly.

Solution: do the same thing via a callback method. so js – calls pushes the data to flash.

Why: – when flash calls js functions – flash stops – until it gets the return value. when you use callbacks js calculates stuff and calls flash when the date is already calculated -> no latency / flash stopping.

Flashplayer error #1009 on stageResize

I spotted a strange fp behaviour. On some computers Flashplayer throws an error saying #1009 null object reference.

The Problem: the stage resize is called when the flash app isn’t completly loaded.

The Fix : check for null object:

“if(_videoPlayer != null)”

thanks to martin vor the tip

The as3 loggger i use


  • works when flash is embeded in html
  • easy to implemnt and use
  • live property editing
  • free
  • works with air technology


  • the trace time isn’t precise enough
  • slows the swf performance by intens use


This is agreat tool and i can only recommend it.

Flash flv metadata error #1069

Working with flvs I got that error

“Error #1069 onMetaData for not found”

Here’s the fix.

var nc : NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var ns : NetStream = new NetStream(nc);
var vid : Video = new Video();
var listener : Object = new Object();
// this is optional
listener.onMetaData = function(infoObject : Object):void
	var key : String;
	for (key in infoObject)
		trace(key + ": " + infoObject[key]);
// this is optional
listener.onCuePoint = function(infoObject : Object):void
	var key : String;
	for (key in infoObject)
		trace(key + ": " + infoObject[key]);
// this is "the magic"
ns.client = listener;"videos/vid2.flv");

So long

AS3 security error local file system + ant

use this compile property to load local files in your swf.


Note: If you work on a local webserver you won’t have that problem

Problem with Andy’s ShadowCaster Class?

There seems to be a problem with the ShadowCaster Class created by Andy (my demoimplementation). Well I couldn’t recreate that bug but when you have this error:

“Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object ShadowCaster/projectVertex()”

this fix found here might help you out:

private var _type:String = "point";
public static var DIRECTIONAL:String = "dir";
public static var SPOTLIGHT:String = "spot";
// replaced it with:
private var _type:String = "dir"; // or "spot"

I can’t tell if this is a “good” or “bad” fix because I didn’t really test it.

Original post of the fix is here