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Webcam Access unclickable

I just did a Facebook Webcam game and came across a nasty firefox bug. Sometimes the cam panel popping up is unclickable. (Firefox on Mac)


The strange thing is:

  1. Works like a charm in Safari
  2. Works like a charm outside of Facebook

But I expierenced the problem on some pages outside FB aswell.

Here is the magic (once again thanks to Martin):

    if ($.browser.mozilla) {
function addMargin() {
    $("#cont").css('margin-left', window.outerWidth % 2 ? '0' : '0.5px')

The problem is that your swf is displayed on HALF PIXELS. Just move the container in which you putted your swf and it should work like a charm.

Link where i stole this from

Logging Php to Firebug

Ever wanted to log php to firebug? There are a lot of reasons to do this. E.g. working  on apps for a thrd party plattform like myspace.

The logger is a singleton. you can push any date type in it. the coolest part: it encodes the php class as json object.


i wrapped it in a simple dummy project with some “oop” javascript in it. give it a try and tell me what you think.

and yes, i know firephp ;)


multitouch on firefox

Multitouch on Firefox from Felipe on Vimeo.

We’re working on exposing the multitouch data from the system to regular web pages through DOM Events, and all of these demos are built on top of that. They are simple html pages that receives events for each touch point and use them to build a custom multitouch experience.