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analog tape glove



awesome project. redraw a johnny cash video. great idea (aaron koblin, chris milk) – awesome executed (mr doob).

make shure you watch this drawing

scribbler – love it!

Scribbler is a great tool. Implemented in javascript by mrdoob.


link to scribbler

light graffiti



a great tribute to natzke

no, erik is not dead – as far as i know. Jacob De Hart “ported” his awesome visualising technique in a java canvas. To be clear its more a tribute than a “port”. Test it herenatzke-tribute

hdr time lapse

Goblins State Park from Chad Richard on Vimeo. More here.

great diploma music video

I´ll kill her from Joerg Barton on Vimeo. via Feingut

blacklight tatoo


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