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Augmented Reality with image as marker

using flash. This is a great SURF implementation in flash! I tested it this week and it works great. Check it out. The code is here. Blogpost is here

ASSURF [multiple references] from Eugene Zatepyakin on Vimeo.

Markerless camera tracking

Nokia AR concept


minority report in flash


sony psp ar game

via powerflasher

not new but a must see

Augmented sculpture from saar on Vimeo.

the future of handy apps

Iphone demo with twitter and augmented reality. more

(via alina)

What’s a bokode?

A bokode is a new kind of marker. Smaller and robuster than printmarkers. I would love to get my hands on that bokode lights. The red dot is a bokode.

image via

Here is a explaining video about the technology.


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